SY 2020-2021 First Semester News

News & Announcements

Face-to-Face Classes Begin on Jan. 20 and 21

1/6/20: Students who are registered for Face-to-Face classes will be undergoing orientation from January 13 to 15. Orientation is not mandatory for students but strongly encouraged. Please review the updated flyer.

Registration for Face-to-Face classes ended in December and is now closed.

The first day of Face-to-Face classes will be on Wednesday, Jan. 20 for Cohort A (students with last names from A-L) and Thursday, Jan. 21 for Cohort B (students with last names from M-Z).

Please click here to view the January 2021 LPUMS Calendar.

*Updated* LPUMS COVID-19 Safety Video: Watch as officers of the Student Body Association demonstrates the safety procedures for staying safe on campus. Video edited by SBA advisor, Ms. Roz Pama.

GDOE Safety Video: the district's video that was shot on our campus--catch our beautiful and clean cafeteria, classrooms, and hallways in the video!

New Bell Schedule: Click here to view new bell schedule for Face-to-Face students. Online schedules (not just Monday & Tuesday) will remain as scheduled. **Click here to see the team online schedules.**

Student Orientation Presentation: Students: Click here to view the presentation. You must be logged in to your student email.

A Tribute to Our Reading Teacher Mrs. Faye Kaible

1/26/20: The LPUMS school community paid tribute to Mrs. Kaible in a drive-by memorial ceremony that was also streamed via Zoom. The YouTube video compiles the videos and pictures from that day.

Some of the Jaguars students created this video tribute for Mrs. Kaible with pictures and videos contributed by students and teachers.

1/15/20: We lost Mrs. Faye Kaible, our Pre-AP Jaguars Reading teacher, last weekend. She was a reading teacher at LPUMS since 2010. The wildcat family misses her dearly. Student Support Services held several Zoom sessions with the students, team, and other teachers to help them cope with the tragic loss. The Reading teachers also met to pay tribute to Mrs. Kaible (picture below).

Wildcats Continue to i*recycle

12/29/20: Despite the school and island in PCOR 1, wildcats continued to recylce. Griffins Science teacher Vince Aguon poses with Peggy Denny in front of a full recycling bin at the back of the school. Mr. Rubbishman collected the recyclables by the end of the year. "i recycle" is an aluminum recycling program headed by Peggy Denny and created for the benefit of Guam’s schools by the Guam Business Partners for Recycling, Inc.

New Thermal Scanners Greet Visitors to Wildcat Campus

12/18/20: Luis P. Untalan became one of a few GDOE schools who are sporting a new tech in checking visitors' temperatures. The school received a thermal scanner with a laptop that can quickly check individuals' temperatures from a distance. It was purchased from the Educational Stabilization Fund.

School Aide Chris Camacho demonstrates the distance that the scanners can take temperatures of visitors.

Each visitor's temperature and name are recorded.

ACS/WASC virtually visited LPUMS for Accreditation

From Monday, Nov. 30 to Wednesday, Dec. 2, the Luis P. Untalan Middle School campus and community were the first GDOE school to complete a virtual Accreditation visited. The 4-member, visiting committee from the Accrediting Commission for Schools Western Association of Schools & Colleges (ASC/WASC) visited to confirm the 6-year self-study conducted by the school.

This was a historical visit that was logistically challenging during the Pandemic, but our wildcat community persevered and welcomed Hawaii educators: Jo Ige, Carlyn Fujimoto, Gayle Ishikawa, and Edward Nakata. We wish to thank the WASC visiting committee for their warm Aloha spirit as we welcomed them into our family.

Tour the Home of the Wildcats!

LPUMS Campus Tour in 2020 Part 1

LPUMS Campus Tour in 2020 Part 2

LPUMS Campus Tour in 2020 Part 3

The newly renovated campus in 2014

Congratulations to the recently elected Student Body Association

election 2020 results.mp4

These election results are certified

11/25/20: After weeks of collecting applications from students, launching online social media campaigns, and holding elections on Social Studies Google Classrooms, the 2020 LPUMS Student Body Association officers have finally been certified and announced!

All Students: Pick Up School Supplies This Week

Supplies to Go Nov. 18-25, 2020

11/23/20: Luis P. Untalan Middle School will be starting the first round of Supplies To Go Distribution for our Wildcat students. Please see the information below for the following times:

Distribution begins on Wednesday, November 18 to Friday, November 20 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and is extended to the following week Nov. 23-25 from 7:30am to 12pm.

Please have your child's name, grade level and team posted on your vehicle's dashboard for faster service. Also Please have your mask on while on the school campus.

Student planners

Ms. Serina helps organize supply packets

Ms. Millie helps organize supply packets

The Cafeteria is the staging area for the school supplies

Mr. Anthony

Ms. Trudes

Ms. LeeAnn

Mr. Chris

Wildcat Staff and Faculty work many hours for Grab & Learn packets

11/5/20: Please watch our YouTube video highlighting the hard-working administrators, staff and teachers who spend hours of their time to make the program work. The process begins when teachers create the hard copy lessons which have to be transferred from assignments in textbooks or online materials, print and photocopy the numerous pages of the lessons, organize the lessons into specific student folders, batch the student folders into their team box, set up the pick-up point at the front of the school, ensure that everyone is wearing proper PPE, and distribute the student folders to the patient parents in cars, collect the previous week's assignments, and lastly, distribute student folders to appropriate teams and elective teachers to correct! Our wildcat team of faculty, administration and staff are amazing!

Parent-Teacher Conference, Report Cards & Grading Policy

> 10/16/20: The First Quarter Parent-Teacher Conference will take place virtually from 8am to 1pm on Oct. 30, 2020. Since the island is still in a PCOR1, and for the safety of all involved, the PTC will be conducted via phone calls to the teacher's extension numbers on campus or via video conference using Zoom or Google Meet. Please contact individual teachers to make arrangements for your time slot. Read more in the Principal's Oct. 16 Letter.

> 10/16/20: The Guam DOE has decided that First Quarter Report Cards will only award students with one of two possible grades: P (Passing) or NE (Not Enough Evidence). This is district-wide and all schools will be utilizing this grading system. A Passing (P) grade shows that your child's work is progressing toward the proficient level of their subject. Not Enough Evidence (NE) means that your child has not demonstrated enough evidence of progress towards proficiency. It does not mean that your child has failed the class.

10/23/20: Parents & Guardians, please read the Parent Letter on Grading Policy letter. This is from Joseph Sanchez, Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction. The letter explains the district's reasoning for the grading policy to include citizenship grades.

10/23/20: Updated Principal's Letter with the classroom extensions that teachers will use during the Parent-Teacher Conference on Oct. 30.

principal's letter 10-23-20.pdf
Parent Letter on Grading Policies (10-22-20).pdf

Parent Workshop: Understanding your child's Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

>10/23/20: The Division of Special Education will be holding a virtual parent workshop via Zoom on Nov. 4, 2020 from 5:30pm to 7pm. This is the first of three workshops on IEP. Please view the flyer for more information and to register.

Wildcats Celebrate Spirit Week

> 10/26/20: During the week of Halloween, Luis P. Untalan Middle School celebrates a virtual spirit week on Instagram. Students and faculty and staff can dress up in each day's theme, post it on their Instagram account and tag @wildcats.sba or email your photo to the Student Body Association:

View the full flyer or visit SBA's Instagram Profile!

Laptop Distribution Begins

> 10/24/20: There are still student laptops available for lease until the end of the school year. Parents, to get an application please email Jude Paulino at Read the article about the district-wide availability of student laptops from the Guam Daily Post: GDOE has more than 4K laptops for student use.

> 10/15/20: Laptops were picked up by 8th grade students and their parents who had applied to sign out the laptops from the school until the end of the school year. Students who were in Hard Copy Mode of Learning were prioritized and had to change to Online Mode of Learning as a requirement for signing out the school device. 7th and 6th graders will be scheduled during the week of Oct. 19-23.

Students and a parent sign out laptops in front of the library on Oct. 15.

The LPUMS laptops have been labeled and comes with a charger and a laptop bag.

The laptops are from the school's classroom inventory of laptops.

A parent signs off forms given by a staff. Safety protocols were in place to protect all visitors and staff.

Updated: Grab & Learn Packets Pickup and Grab & Go Meals

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9/4/20: LPUMS Staff managed the Grab & Learn and Grab & Go distribution from 9am to 3pm on Sept. 4.

>10/17/20: There will be no Grab & Learn packet pickup on Friday, Oct. 23. Packet distribution will resume on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 9am-1pm. On this day, the packets will include the students' First Quarter Report Cards in preparation for the Parent Teacher Conference on Friday, Oct. 30. Weekly Friday distribution of Grab & Learn packets will resume on Nov. 6, 9am-1pm.

> 10/16/20: Grab & Go Meals (breakfast only) are on a first-come, first-served basis for all children below 18 years old. Grab & Go will continue to be distributed on Friday, Oct. 23. Breakfast distribution is from 9am-12pm. Limit 5 plates per vehicle. Please have your masks on before entering campus and please have your child's name printed and placed on your vehicle's dashboard for faster service. View and share our flyer.

> 9/9/20: Hard Copy packets for Grab & Learn students and breakfast meals will now be distributed between 9am to 12pm on Fridays.

> 9/2/20: Read today's press release from the Superintendent that has the updated Grab & Learn schedule for all GDOE schools.

Above: Map for picking up Grab & Learn Packets.

Progress Reports Released this Week

> 9/29/20:

Hafa Adai Parents and Guardians,

Mid-Quarter Progress Reports will be disseminated to all students via GDOE email by the end of this week. Hard Copy students will also receive a copy of their progress reports in their packets on Friday.

First quarter progress reports will only include comments based on progress due to the late start of classes. Grades will not be included for first quarter progress reports. This applies to all public schools. If you have any questions on your child's progress report, you may contact your child's teacher.

Get Up & Move Wildcats!

> 9/20/20: CrossFit Latte Stone coaches Mike and James lead another workout with LPUMS teachers Mrs. Escobar, Mr. Gomez, and Ms. Piper, this time they want you to do "Sally" airsquats.

> 9/5/20: CrossFit Latte Stone coaches Mike and James lead Luis P. Untalan Middle School teachers and students in a 10 min HIIT workout for their virtual P.E class. Shown in the video are Mrs. Escobar (Health teacher), Mr. Shipman (Language Arts teacher), Mr. Gomez (Language Arts teacher), and Ms. Piper (PE teacher).

Welcome Back, Wildcats!

Watch this YouTube video from our wildcat community, edited by Math Teacher Anna Bermudes.

View Student Email Tutorial

8/16/20: Our student email tutorial is now available to help students! Ms. Pama helps you log in and set up your Google Classroom.

Email information was distributed from Aug. 11-13. Please request email information from

Students: Log into your GDOE email from here.

Forgot your password? If you know your team, go here to send them an email (from a non-GDOE email) about resetting your password.

Or Email

First Day

8/14/20: The first day of face-to-face classes has been delayed by two weeks by the Superintendent of Education Jon Fernandez.

Home learning students will begin classes on Aug. 17.

All Models of Learning for LPUMS Students

Model of Learning - Student Expectations

8/12/20: Luis P. Untalan Middle School has established the following guidelines for all three models of learning for students. Please review them by clicking this link.

The Guam Legislature Honors PBS University Teachers

From left are LPUMS teachers: Anna Bermudes, Madrid Borja, Kristal Taimanglo, and Ryan Shipman. Not pictured is Rozalyn Pama.

8/2/20: Members of the 35th Guam Legislature honored the teacher cast of Guam DOE's PBS University at the Dusit Thani hotel lobby lounge. Certificates were presented by senators Dr. Kelly Marsh Taitano, Regine Biscoe Lee, and Louise Muna.

PBS Univeristy is the televised at-home learning resource with the aim of helping students to continue their education at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wildcats Continue Decade-Long Winning Streak

7/10/20: LPUMS students placed first in 6 of 9 categories at the annual Guam History Day competition. For more than 10 years, LPUMS students have won at the competition and have moved on to represent the island at the National History Day competition in Washington, DC—a prize that was cancelled this year due to COVID-19. Instead, students who won in individual categories received a laptop and students who won in group categories received an iPad. View pictures from the award ceremony by scrolling down to the Gallery.

Other students also received special awards:

  • Economic Development Award: Alyssa Calilung

  • Environment and Historical Preservation Award: Heavenly Santos and Issa Cosca

  • World War II Award: Shane Dado, Aaleyah Masga, Maki Sasao

Advisor Jorge Emmanuel (far left) stands with Lorrenne Pennington (second to right), who won in the Group Website category with Katelyn Cura. Lavonne Meno, Guam State Coordinator, and Dr. Carlos Madrid Alvarez-Piner of UOG's MARC, present Lorrene with an iPad.

Health Requirements for Student Registration

6/14/20: Parents/guardians of in-coming 6th graders and 9th graders, please review the health requirements from the school health counselor, Jocelyn Sabinay.

If you have any questions about these requirements, please email Mrs. Sabinay at