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Class of 2021 Promotional Ceremony (from GDOE's Facebook Live)

To watch the full, 3-hour recorded ceremony, click this link>>>

Robotics Whirli-bot Video

This is the Luis P. Untalan Middle School Robotics team's submission to the TCEA Texas Computer Education Association's Whirli-bot "Motion Commotion" Robotics Contest for SY2020-2021. The LPUMS team, named the Roaring Wildcats, is composed of 8th graders Rianne, Darren and Sean. Their Whirli-bot is called, "The Roaring Typhoon."

LPUMS Science Fair Winners

Click the button above to see all the Top 5 winners in all the categories. The website also allows you to view the virtual gallery of science fair projects!

43rd Science Fair

Several Luis P. Untalan Middle School teachers and Principal Mrs. Guerrero are interviewed in this video about the 2021 Science Fair. Students in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade are invited to submit an entry to the 43rd Annual Island Wide Science Fair by March 26. Entries are open to students in public, private, or DODEA schools as well as homeschooled students.

Second Semester: Return to Face-to-Face Classes

New Student Orientation Video

8/3/20: New student orientations were held from July 27 to Aug. 1. If you or your parent was unable to attend, watch the YouTube video to see what the expectations are of students for SY 2020-2021.

The Orientation Presentation below was presented by Mrs. Guerrero and students during student orientations.

LPUMS Safety Video

7/24/20: Ms. Rozalyn Pama, along with LPUMS students Renee Marquez, Rianne Marquez, and McKenzie Matthews, show you how to safely navigate the halls and classrooms.

GDOE Safety Video

This Guam Department of Education back-to-school safety video has important safety and health information for students and families. The video was shot at the Luis P. Untalan Middle School campus.

Our Wildcat Memorial of Mrs. Faye Kaible

The Luis P. Untalan Middle School community held a memorial to say goodbye to Mrs. Faye Kaible, our reading teacher, on January 26, 2021. Social distancing, temperature checks and face masks were used by all. Video thumbnail of poster was done by Jaguar students, Olivia Camacho and Maria Paule. Video caption correction: Ms. Joanne Matanane also sang the featured song, "Go In Peace," while Ms. Roz Pama and Mrs. Madrid Borja sang background.

Tribute to Mrs. Faye Kaible

Students in the Pre-AP Jaguars team, along with photo contributions from teachers and students, created this tribute to Mrs. Faye Kaible, our Reading teacher at Luis P. Untalan Middle School, who recently passed away.

Mrs. Tongson Retires

Mrs. Nelly Tongson retired after more two decades of teaching math at Luis P. Untalan Middle School. View the farewell video with messages from her wildcat family. Video collected and edited by her fellow math colleague Rozalyn Pama.

Señora Bermudes Retires

Señora Cecilia Bermudes retired after decades of teaching Chamorro at Luis P. Untalan Middle School. View the farewell video collected and edited by her daughter and LPUMS math teacher Anna Bermudes.

LPUMS Students' Zoom Tips

Luis P. Untalan Middle School students Nathan Caburian and Sean Fabian, who are also from the Pre-AP Jaguars team and members of the National Junior Honor Society organization, provide six tips on how to improve your Zoom experience.

LPUMS Student Email Tutorial

Ms. Rozalyn Pama helps students sign into their Guam Department of Education email and join a Google Classroom class. Ms. Pama is a Robotics teacher from Luis P. Untalan Middle School.

The Prevention & Spread of COVID-19

A Public Service Announcement (PSA) created and narrated by student Angelina Guerrero about the prevention and spread of COVID-19.

LPUMS Virtual Campus Tours

Part 1 of 3

Take a tour of Luis P. Untalan Middle School's Barrigada campus as you stop at major areas of the school: Student Support Office (SSO), cafeteria, main courtyard, Aqua-phonics garden, volleyball court, the gym, the back field, and the Wildcat Garden.

Part 2 of 3

Take a tour of Luis P. Untalan Middle School's Barrigada campus as you stop at the library and then visit the different classrooms! Part 2 of 3 in our Virtual Tour series!

Part 3 of 3

Take a tour of Luis P. Untalan Middle School's Barrigada campus as you review our health and safety protocols! Part 3 of 3 in our Virtual Tour series!

Virtual PE Class

10 Min HIIT

CrossFit Latte Stone coaches Mike and James lead Untalan Middle School teachers and students in a 10 min HIIT workout for their virtual P.E class

Roxanne Burpees

The latte bros lead the Untalan Middle School Wildcats P.E. class with Roxanne Burpees

Sally Airsquats

CFLS and UMS Wildcats do "Sally" airsquats!

Grab & Learn

Go behind the scenes at our Hard Copy Distribution program, Grab & Learn, at Luis P. Untalan Middle School for the first quarter of SY2020-2021!

Welcome Back, Wildcats!

Luis P. Untalan Middle School teachers, staff and administration greet their students for SY 2020-2021. Video compiled by Math teacher Anna Bermudes.

Parent Orientation Meeting

8/16/20: To prepare students and parents of Luis P. Untalan Middle School for the challenges of SY2020-2021, Principal Agnes Guerrero held a Parent Information Meeting on August 12, 2020 via Zoom. Almost 200 wildcats logged on.

Supplies & Go Spring

3-1-21: Parents were able to come to the school to pick up supplies for their child(ren) who attend Luis P. Untalan Middle School. The supplies include a bag pack, composition notebooks, and pocket folders.

Supplies & Go Fall

11/23/20: Luis P. Untalan Middle School started the first round of Supplies & Go Distribution for our Wildcat students. Distribution began on Wednesday, November 18 to Friday, November 20 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Laptop Distribution

10/15/20: Laptops were picked up by 8th grade students and their parents who had applied to sign out the laptops from the school until the end of the school year. Students who were in Hard Copy Mode of Learning were prioritized and had to change to Online Mode of Learning as a requirement for signing out the school device. 7th and 6th graders will be scheduled during the week of Oct. 19-23.

Guam Daily Post: Face Shields

Photo from the Aug. 8 edition of the Guam Daily Post online article about classes still opening on Aug. 17.

Teachers Start First Work Day

8/7/20: LPUMS teachers held a virtual teacher orientation via Zoom on Friday and then, in scheduled times, picked up their school-provided supplies to include disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and 3D printed face shields.

Grab and Learn

9/4/20: LPUMS Staff managed the Grab & Learn and Grab & Go distribution from 9am to 3pm on Sept. 4.

SY 2019-2020: Photo & Video Gallery

Wildcats Excel at National History Day Competition

rs of the annual Guam History Day competition received laptops and iPads. Advisors to students who are pictured are Mr. Jorge Emmanuel, Mrs. Valerie Tanayan, and Mr. Rod Pama.

LPUMS Sports Awards

7/15/20: Athletes and their friends and families can attend the virtual sports awards by viewing the presentation put together by the Sports Club.

Pre-AP Jaguars Awards

Pre-AP team, Jaguars, held a virtual awards ceremony on May 20, 2020 via Zoom. They also presented their online yearbook. Great job, Jaguars!

2020 Promotional Parade Live-Stream Replay

YouTube: Part 1

YouTube: Part 2

YouTube: Part 3


Promotional Parade

Mrs. Guerrero poses with one of the 8th grade graduates in a photo taken by Premium Art Photo on June 16. Over 220 students participated in the school's first ever Promotional Parade, which lasted from 9am to past 12pm.

Promotional Parade Student Portraits

Download individual pictures taken by Premium Art Photo during the Promotional Parade from their website.

Download individual pictures taken by Premium Art Photo during the Promotional Parade from their website. The very last student portrait was not included in Premium Art Photo's gallery since they came after the ceremony. His pictures can be viewed here and here.

School Staff Prepares for SY 2020-2021

Office Staff Ms. Shanei stands at the entrance of the school where a new mural has been painted by our 8th grade Math teacher, Anna Bermudes. "School of Excellence," has been our motto along with "Home of the Wildcats" since 2000. This is the new entrance for visitors during the summer. Visitors will have their temperature checked and are required to wear a mask before entering the Main Office.

Staff Ensuring Our Campus is COVID-19 Ready for the New School Year

Our school aides have been working hard to ensure that the campus has social distancing signs painted on the hallway floors.

Registration Forms Available at Mayor's Offices

6/26/20: Our staff distributed the Learning Models Registration to Mayor’s Offices for families to easily attain. Forms are available at the Dededo, Tamuning, Barrigada and Mangilao Mayor's Offices.

Photo from left: Ms. Kristine, Mangilao Mayor's staff (holding registration forms), Ms. Shanei, and Mr. AJ.

Parent Donation Helps School Prepare to Fight COVID-19

A huge thank you to Mrs. Ina Lee (right, parent of LPUMS student Aiden Lee) of Han Kook Office Administrative Wholesale company. She donated 1 case =30 packages of disinfectant wipes to our school. She also donated latex gloves. Mrs. Cruz, LPUMS assistant principal, received the packages on June 15.

View PBS University for Middle School

6/29/20: Catch Mr. Ryan Shipman's lesson on hygiene in the Week 9 middle school segment of PBS University. Mr. Shipman is LPUMS' 6th grade Social Studies teacher from team Cheetahs.

Farewell Wildcats 2020

Message to all students of LPUMS from the Administration, faculty and staff. Best of luck to the 8th graders—-remember, "Once a wildcat, always a wildcat!" For the 6th and 7th graders, see you all next school year!

LPUMS Nurse Appreciation

Message to our School Nurse, Jocelyn Sabinay, for all her hard work to keep everyone in the school healthy. And, during the Coronavirus Pandemic, for keeping the rest of the island healthy.

PUMS Teacher Appreciation

Message to the LPUMS faculty from the Administation and students for Teacher Appreciation Week!

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