Silibrasion Mes CHamoru 2022

Team Lions

Team Jaguars

Team Panthers


Staff & Admin

Mrs. Woorward and son

Ms. Taimanglo & Ms. Fernandez

Mrs. Emmanuel & Mrs. Tanayan, Mr. Aguon  & Mrs. Choay

Mrs. Choay, Siñora Perez and Siñorita Cruz.

Ms. Abad, Mrs. Choay & Mrs. Bakker


Staff & Students

Mr. Kho, Mrs. Gumataotao, and students


Ms. Castro & Student 

Mrs. Guerrero

Mrs. Flory

Siñot Mateo and Siñora Balajadia

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Silibrasion Mes CHamoru Revised Calendar

Åtten Finattinas (Artifacts)

Siñot Vincent Aguon and a student showcase some pottery.

Models of ancient CHamoru huts were also on display for classes to view.

Students help showcase some artifacts, such as ancient pottery, the chonka, and conch shells.

This is the åcho' atupat, or sling stone.

Atupat is the strap used to sling the stone.

Siñot Mesa and his students

Ancient CHamoru weapons and tools.

A woven basket and the ayuyu, or giant coconut crab.

Students play the traditional board game of Chonka. The wood is hand-carved and stones are used as the pieces.

Alåhas (Jewelry)

The sinahi is carved from clams and is in the shape of a half-moon. While its ancient CHamoru origin is unverified, it has been worn for decades as a symbol of CHamoru identity. 

This is a Spondylus necklace made of orange shells that have been polished.

Siñot Mesa, Siñora Balajadia, Siñorita Cruz, Siñot Vince Aguon (Science teacher), Siñora Perez and Siñot Mateo.

Måmfok hågon niyok (Weaving of coconut leaves)

Students learn to weave coconut leaves.

Students show their woven headbands and fish.


Yiyupåktu (Sling-Stone Throwing)

Siñot Frankie Mateo, our PE & Health teacher, conducted a demonstration of  Yiyupåktu at the back field.


Watch a video of the demonstration.

Yiyupåktu is sling-stone throwing. Siñot Mateo explained that Guam has a team competing internationally in the sport. 

For safety reasons, students used tennis balls instead of real sling stones to try their hand at Yiyupåktu. 

Kantan (Singing) CHamoru 

Local entertainers Louise Muna & Kin Concepcion sing CHamoru songs with students during lunch time.

Students dance the cha-cha during lunchtime under a tent  in the Volleyball court.

CHamoru language teacher Sinot Jose Mesa sings in CHamoru.

Watch the video from KUAM's Facebook Page

Hestorian Sinangan (Oral History Telling)

Historian Malia Ramirez visited Siñorita Cruz's classes to share some brief CHamoru history and stories. The historian received a certificate with 4th Period.

Siñorita Cruz's 2nd Period

Siñorita Cruz's 1st Period

Tinanña' Finattinas (Food Tasting)

Siñora Beverly Taitague & Siñora Chirika Fernandez help pack.

Siñora Taitague, Siñora Balajadia, and Siñora Sumch Choay

Three of the CHamoru language teachers; Siñorita Cruz, Siñora Balajadia, and Siñora Perez

One of the student helpers

table set up.mp4

All the food was labeled in CHamoru

food tasting.mp4

Faculty & Staff went around to the different tables to grab their chosen food

To ensure sanitary protocols were followed, everyone used a recyclable bag

CHamoru food in all shades of color

Agradisimento (Gratitude)

The LPUMS CHamoru language department would like to thank many people who helped with our Silibrasion Mes CHamoru. 

The CHamoru Language teachers and Principal Guerrero showed their gratitude with certificates.

Siñorita Rozalyn Pama

Sinot Eric Garrido

Sinot Chris Camacho

Sinot Kin Concepcion, Siñorita Joanne Matanane, Siñora Louise Muna

Siñorita Joanne Matanane, Siñora Sumch Choay, Sinot Frankie Mateo