2022 STEM Expo

5-17-22: Every year, Luis P. Untalan Middle School has a STEM Expo, highlighting all the lesson activities and hands-on projects produced by our students in science, math, and robotics. This year, all students were able to see and touch the many excellent student work projects that were created. Great job to all the teachers who guided their students this year and a job well done to our creative and problem-solving students.

Photo Gallery of the Expo 

"This year I’m happy to have all science teachers participate with a variety of games, prizes, demos, and presentations," said Science Content Rep Anthony Gumataotao. "The win a fish stamp card was also very fun for the students who were motivated to visit every single exhibition." Students who completed visiting all exhibits were rewarded with a baby tilapia.

Take a Video Tour of the Expo

Part One

Part Two

Robotics Carnival Rides