Halloween 2023

Wildcats Were Wild for Halloween!

Awesome Participation Students!

Not Too Shabby Admin, Staff, and Faculty!

LPUMS' Cool Employees annual Halloween meeting

Mrs. Guerrero leads her band of cowboys and cowgirls in the Wild(cat) West!

Minion Social Workers

Incredible CHamoru Teachers

Up! standing Ms. Jerica and Mr. JD

Quick, catch these Pokemoning Emmanuels

Love-It Team Lynx

Shoot 'em Straight Mr. Chris and Ms. Jeanette

Casting Spells are Ms. Santos, Ms. Abad, and Mrs. Guevara

Mr. Jerar, Mr. JD, Ms. Jerica and Mr. Adrian going back to childhood

Got Catch 'Em All Mrs. Benavente with her students

Cute & Scary Cheetahs Mr. Saul, Ms. Miralles and Mrs. Indalecio

Stepin' Up! are Ms. Claudia, Mr. Collinz, and Ms. Liz with our Surgeon Dr. Choay

Having fun are Mrs. Duenas, Mrs. Choay, and two student teachers, Ms. Flores and Sinot San Nicolas

No red balloon here as it's Ms. Cepeda as Coraline

Ms. Woodward rockin' it 

Ms. Bobbie pretty in Barbie pink

Mrs. Borja and Mrs. Leon Guerrero roaring in character